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How far can a drone fly from controller? It is a common question that every beginner drone pilot asks before purchasing a drone. Basically, there is no specific answer to the question. It is because the answer to the question depends on a lot of things. In this article, we will try to explain how far a drone can fly from the controller.

The range of the drone should be included in its specification. However, sometimes, the drone doesn’t include the flight range. As a result, it becomes a little bit hard for the user to guess the flight range of the drone.

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Max flying time of a drone

According to our research, the DJI Phantom drone can travel around 16.8 kilometers. However, it has a control range of approximately 5 kilometers. It happens because the drone’s maximum travel distance is not its range. Here, the range is the control range, which is 5km. Basically, the transmitter that you get with the drone defines the flying range. According to the power and specification of the drone, the drone can fly much or less.  Such as, most of the drone nowadays comes with a 2.4 GHz frequency band which can provide you maximum range up to 1.6 km.

There are some other factors such as the noise and obstacles can affect the flight range of a drone. They can decrease the range of the drone by the interference of the connection. Some other factors which affect the connection include the position of the controller, drone battery, control frequency, drone and controller antenna, transmitter power, RF interference, etc. factors.

How to increase your drone flying range

You will be pleased to apprehend that you can increase the flying range of your drone. However, for this, you will need to have expertise in electronics. You will need to improve the antenna to increase the range. You can upgrade the antenna from 2dB to 4dB to get a 2x power. However, that doesn’t mean that you will get twice the operation range. You can expect an increase of around 30% to 50% in the flying range. Besides, you can also add a power booster to boost the range of the controller.

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Drone Laws on flight range

Depending on the country you are living, there are different rules and regulation to fly your drone. Such as, if you are living in the USA and if you want to use the drone for commercial use, then you will need to get a license with $5. Moreover, the drone should not be flown near the airport. You must maintain a distance of 5 miles between the drone and the airport while flying.

For individuals, a hobby drone can go up to 400meter. However, for commercial flights, the range may vary. There are also different rules and regulation in different states for flying a drone. If you want to be a commercial pilot, then you must take a test and qualify for a remote pilot certificate.

Hopefully, the above article on how far can a drone fly from the controller will be helpful for you.

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