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Increasing height after 25 is quite impossible. That is because as you grow older, the growth hormone stop working and so do the height of your body. However, you will be happy to know that you can add some inches with your height by following the below guide. They seem to work effectively on increasing the height. How to increase height after 25 for female? If the question is growing through your mind currently, then you are in the right place. 

Today we will let you know some crucial factors which will help you to increase height after 25.

Healthy Food

Eating Habits

Eating habit is the most essential thing that you need to care if you want to increase the height after 25 as a female. Though the height of your body is determined genetically, the growth also depends on some external factors. Nutrition is the main thing that affects your growth. As a result, a proper and adequate diet habit filled with proper nutrition is highly necessary for increasing your height. The diet plan must include different types of nutrition to build your bone, muscle, tendons, and ligaments.

The foods you eat should include minerals, vitamin, calcium, protein, and other food values. Here are some foods that you may eat for increasing height:

1. Milk

We all know milk is a superfood, and it contains a good number of health values. One of the remarkable things about the food is it includes a right amount of calcium, which is very important for our growth. It also strengthens our bones, which is very important for boosting our height.

Moreover, milk also includes vitamin A, which helps to preserve calcium in our body. Milk also includes protein which helps to produce new cell for the overall growth of our body. It can easily digest, and we recommend you to drink two to three glass of milk daily.

2. Dairy products

Apart from milk consumption, dairy products can also help you to increase your length. If you are not a fan of milk, then you can consume dairy products. There are different types of dairy product, including cheese, yogurt, paneer, ice cream, whipping cream. They also include vitamins A, B, D, and E. As like as the milk, the food also includes calcium and protein, which are also essential for our growth. Dairy products are one of the best sources of vitamin D, which is crucial for increasing height.

3. Fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies are something which is very vital for all aspects of your body. They help you to keep the body fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetable include a wide array of health values, including fiber, vitamin, potassium, and folates.

Most of the vegetables have vitamin A, which is vital for the development of your tissues and bones. You will find vegetables such as peas, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, cabbage, etc. Different fruits such as papaya, mango, passion fruit, grapes, etc. contain vitamin A.

4. Chicken

Protein is one of the most basic nutrition that you need to grow your body. The chicken is one of the highest sources of protein and also readily available all over the world as well as cheap to buy. Moreover, it is also delicious to eat. It can help you to build muscles and body tissues, which is needed for height growth.

5. Grains and Starches

Starches and grain are now of the primary source of energy for our body. They also have a wide array of health values, including vitamin B, magnesium, selenium, iron, and much more. The consumption of such foods should be increased to get a better height. Foods like brown rice, popcorn, whole grain pasta, whole wheat, etc. are a great source of grains and starches.

6. Eggs

We all know that the egg is an excellent source of protein and various health benefits. The white albumen of the egg is 100% protein which you may not get from other food sources. You may want to avoid eating the yoke as it is filled with fat. Egg also include B2 vitamin, which is known as riboflavin and essential for our health. You should take 3 to 6 eggs on a daily basis to increase your height.

7. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a small woody plant which has thousands of health benefits for our boy. One of the main advantages of Ashwagandha is it can help you to increase your height. It is one of the top ayurvedic products that can increase your height on a large scale. Regular consumption of the product can help you to increase height for sure. 

8. Beef

Beef is another great source of protein. Beef contains much helpful protein than the chicken. However, you may need to be careful while consuming it as it is a great source of cholesterol. That means beef can increase the cholesterol level of your body.

9. Soybean

Amongst all the vegetables, soybean contains the highest amount of protein. Soybean has pure protein which can help you to improve tissue and bone mass. Add 50gm of soybean in your daily diet to increase your height. Soybean can be a great source of protein for the vegetarians who don’t consume beef and chicken. Soybean also contains some other essential health values.

10. Coral Calcium

You may not know about this food. As the name says, coral calcium is collected from the sea corals. It can help you to increase the bone mass, which is needed for the growth of the bone. Coral calcium should be consumed at an early age to get the best out of it.

11. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another excellent source of plant protein. It can be another great source of protein for the vegetarians. The oatmeal can help to increase muscle mass as well as decrease the fat from our body. 50gm of oatmeal for breakfast on a daily basis can help you to increase the weight.


Apart from a healthy diet, exercising is another important factor which is required to increase height after 25. There are some specialized exercises for increasing your height. However, we will advise you to focus on the basic exercise and then start working on specialized activities for increasing height.

Focus On The Spin

The spin is one of the essential parts of our body, which need to be stretched to increase your height. The perfect time to stretch your body is before sleeping and after sleeping in the morning. You will get the maximum benefits in these times by stretching. Try to stretch your body as much as possible from your bed.

Body Posture

Posture is another important thing that you need to maintain properly. If you maintain a bad posture, you will look smaller than your height. You will simply look taller if you maintain a good posture. Moreover, it can also help to prevent back pain and headaches. Here is the step by steps that you need to follow to keep a good posture:


Yoga can be another great way to increase your height. It basically helps you to maintain a proper posture which in the long run will help you to appear taller than now. The best thing about yoga is it also assist you in overall body development and improve your mental health; It can stimulate hormone growth, which may help you to increase the height. Yoga poses, which include body stretching, can help you to increase height.

Proper Sleeping

Sleeping habit put a great impact on your body. You may know the fact that the growth hormones do their job when you are sleeping. That is why you must get adequate sleep on a daily basis to allow the hormone to do their job perfectly.

Maintain the proper sleeping posture while sleeping as it is also important for your height growth. Wear light, clean, and soft dress while sleeping. Make sure that the room is dark and quiet while sleeping so that you can get adequate sleep. Practice deep breathing which can help you to fall asleep quickly.

Final Words

Being taller is a plus point. But that doesn’t mean that being a little bit shorter is a bad thing. So we recommend you not to stress over your height. And you can try the above-given method to increase your height. We are hopeful that it will work for you.